“Cheap Trick meets Green Day on a bad day.”

Throw in a dash of Social Distortion and Papa Roach and you have a recipe for a freight train barrelling right through the arena!


With it’s debut CD ‘greatist hits’ and critically acclaimed follow up ‘therupy’, KOTTAK (formerly KrunK) has established itself as more than just a band with a spelling problem. Several tours of Japan, Europe, Mexico, and countless west coast runs have yielded a reputation as a rock solid act. Whether headlining, sharing the stage with Mötley Crüe or as a guest on The Warped Tour, KOTTAK’s live shows deliver a ‘one-two punk & roll hit between the eyes’ while incorporating an in your face version of the Scorpions classic Holiday.


KOTTAK has just released its fourth studio album ATTACK, which was produced by Tommy Henriksen (Daughtry, BC Jean, Lady Gaga). It was recorded in Los Angeles and Nashville at Henriksens’ Anarchy Studios. KOTTAK work every minute god gives them, and a few minutes more, borrowed from less reputable sources, to create their punk n roll vision.


The current line up is James Kottak (vocals, guitars), Stephanie Smith (lead guitars, backing vocals), Nils Wandrey (bass, backing vocals) and Francis Ruiz (drums).


“After months of shopping and meetings all over the planet, KOTTAK decided to go with CMM Marketing, based on the history of Wolfgang Rott”, says James, “He is a seasoned veteran in every aspect of the music biz AND is taped into the current pulse of change in the industry! Wolfgang has an outstanding staff to back him up as well…We are more than excited!” Wolfgang Rott has led countless marketing campaigns in Germany and Europe and still does for Iron Maiden, The Scorpions, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, etc…


This gives KOTTAK the ultimate chance to spread the word all over the planet and invite like minded music fans, to realise that KOTTAK is the next big thing.

Tour 2011

We are currently preparing for our Europe tour with Edguy! If you live in Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, France or Spain, come and rock with us! For booking information please check the contact page.

Enter Contest

No shows booked at the moment.

Kottak News

Pics From The Road

James Kottak

Check out these great shots from our friend in Lyon France LAURENT BARNOLA!


Also check out those galleries:
There will be links to a few photgraphers’ websites in the link section soon! Check them out, they did an outstanding job taking photos of KOTTAK on stage throughout Europe.



Nils Wandrey

Dear James, 


I wanted to thank you and the whole band for the three awesome shows I witnessed during your tour with Edguy.

There’s so much energy when you’re on stage and your personality can only be described as magnetic. I was immediately taken by your music and the band’s charisma.

It’s wonderful to see how much every one of you seems to enjoy what your doing and I was very moved by the way you appreciate the music and how you treat your fans. For example, there were the three girls you took on stage in Essen. They looked so happy and I’m sure they had the time of their lives.


I think it’s so sweet of you to take so much time to sign stuff, take pictures and have a chat with everyone after the show. It was such a pleasure to meet you and being able to tell you that I dreamed of your songs during the night before your concert in Bamberg and that this dream made me feel so much better
I’m sorry if I appear a little cheesy, but you truly made an impression on me. It’s almost like I was able to take some of your vitality with me.


That’s why I wanted to try to give you something back by telling you how much I appreciated your performance and meeting the whole band in Bamberg. I’m so glad that I finally discovered your music and I am already addicted to it. (: It just makes me feel good about myself, I really can’t help it!

Can’t wait to see you on stage with Scorpions again this friday. I’ll be there with my Dad, it’s my birthday present for him.

Oh I almost forgot: The pick you used during Time To Say Goodbye hit my cleavage.    Thank you again. I’ll cherish it!  


Lots of love from Switzerland,

Pimp your Album?

Nils Wandrey

James had been asked that many times during this tour.

The answer is YES!

If you want James Kottak to play drums on your album or song, contact


Kevin Hahn



James has time off Jan & Feb!



THANK YOU!!! Message from James

Nils Wandrey

KOTTAK would like to send a HUGE THANK-YOU to all the KOTTAK/SCORPIONS/EDGUY family, friends & fans for making the EDGUY/KOTTAK tour a rock & roll success…




KOTTAK= James Kottak, Stephanie Smith, Francis Ruiz, Nils Wandrey


Check out the contact page for our facebook and twitter accounts and stay in touch!!!


I will see you on tour with the Scorpions this November!





Nils Wandrey

What a great time in Milan, Pratteln, Lyon, Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao!!!

We’re back in Germany and will ROCK Saarbrücken tomorrow night!



Edguy is awesome, good things to come in the future! Also we might end up putting out a live DVD (rumors rumors….) so come to the shows and SCREAM WITH US!! :o)





James Kottak

Back in the saddle! Kottak/Ed Guy tour hits Filderstadt, Germany Tuesday!
See you LIVE!
Prost! German reunification day!

Oct 04 – GER – Filderstadt, Filharmonie
Oct 06 – CZE – Prague, KD Vitavska
Oct 07 – GER – Langen, Stadthalle
Oct 10 – ITA – Milan, Alcatraz
Oct 11 – SUI – Pratteln, Z7
Oct 12 – FRA – Lyon, Transbordeur
Oct 14 – ESP – Madrid, Heineken
Oct 15 – ESP – Barcelona, Apollo
Oct 16 – ESP – Bilbao, Rock Star
Oct 18 – GER – Saarbrücken, Garage
Oct 19 – FRA – Paris, Bataclan
Oct 21 – GER – Memmingen, Kaminwerk
Oct 22 – GER – Straubing, Messehalle
Oct 23 – CZE – Zlin, Rock Cafe




Hello everyone! Kottak is going on a major tour with Edguy soon! This will be a BLAST and we’d love to give something back to our fans and friends, so we came up with this awesome competition:


- You will be on the guestlist for the show in or near your town and have a meet and greet with the band. Yes, this means free tickets! – On top of that you will recieve a special fan package, including a copy of our KOTTAK ATTACK album, a KOTTAK T-shirt, a signed photo and a few surprises…


- is change your current default photo on your social network profile, such as facebook, myspace, twitter, to our KOTTAK ATTACK album artwork – and come up with a way of promoting KOTTAK. This is the fun part! Go crazy and spread the word. We encourage you to be creative! Anything that’s legal (don’t get caught if you decide differently, please don’t destroy anything and don’t do any harm) is allowed. Take photos of your crazy Kottak promotion actions and send them to us or upload them to your profile (and send us the link). Anything goes…


Here comes another one…

We’ve got a special opportunity for all you guys out there coming to see us on the upcoming Europe tour. Here’s the task: Make your very own Kottak banner; paint it, print it, cut it out, let it glow in the dark, do WHATEVER you like, the more CREATIVE your ideas the better!! The next step is: bring it to one of our shows… that’d be not too much of a hassle, wouldn’t it? Now here comes the deal:

We’ll take your banners and attach them to our own banner/backdrop on the stage for TEN-THOUSANDs of peeps all over Europe to see! Let’s make it a giant piece of collaborative art!

See you soon!!! JamesStephanieFrancisNils

Google/Bing: KOTTAK

For interview requests, booking, etc.
please contact Björn/CMM
bjorn @ cmm-marketing.com

djohnsonmgmt @ sbcglobal.net

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